Fast Food Cookies

Fast Food Cookies

The cookie-fied food trend is one of our favorites. From cereal bowls, to ice cream, to tacos, there is endless opportunity for creative cookie decorating. Indulge in some fast food favorites the sweet way with this tutorial from @thewhiskandspoon!  Check out the coca cola cookie, hamburger cookie, hot dog cookie and fries cookie complete with ketchup!


Here in the UK, we get some great cookie cutters, but absolutely nothing like the ones available from CookieCutterKingdom! As soon as I saw these, I knew that I had to try making fast food cookies. These are so unique and would make the perfect dessert for an outdoor party!

I kept this design quite simple, focusing on the popular and well recognized branding of Coca Cola, but you could always add extra details like sesame seeds on the burger bun or branding on the packet of fries.


What you’ll need:

-CookieCutterKingdom Hamburger, French Fries, Hot Dog, Square, Soda Can cutters
-Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Marzipan spacers or other rolling pin guides
-Rolling pin
-Paintbrushes in large and small sizes
-Edible glue
-Icing sugar (we use a shaker to obtain a light, lump-free dusting of sugar)
-Silver edible paint
-Fondant in white, caramel/ivory, dark brown, chestnut, and red
-Royal icing in white, spring green, caramel/ivory, mustard, and red in piping consistency (we make mustard by mixing together melon yellow and caramel/ivory by Sugarflair) (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Paper piping bags



Roll out your cookie dough using marzipan spacers to ensure that the dough maintains an even thickness. Cut out your cookies and chill for about an hour before baking to ensure that they maintain their shape in the oven.
When rolling out the fondant, aim for it to be about 1/8 inch thick and use the icing sugar to prevent it from sticking to the surface or rolling pin. We like to start with the lightest colored fondant first and work towards the darkest so that no color transfers between rolls. Roll out the white, cut out a square and use the large paintbrush and edible glue to stick it to your cookie.
Roll out the caramel ivory, cut our your hot dog and stick it to your cookie. Cut out a burger, then use your knife to remove the middle third (the insides of the burger), then stick the tops and bottoms to the cookie to create your burger bun. Cut out the fries and use your knife to cut off the packet at the bottom, then stick the fries to the top part of the cookie.
Next roll out your chestnut and cut out a hot dog again. Use the bottom part of the cookie cutter to remove the top part of the hot dog bun, and the top part of the cookie cutter to remove the bottom part of the hot dog bun. You’ll be left with the middle sausage, which can be stuck onto your cookie.
Moving on to the dark brown, cut out a burger again. Use your knife to remove the bun and space for a tomato, leaving just your patty. Stick this to the cookie above the bottom bun.
Roll out the red fondant and cut out your soda can, the bottom of the fries packet, and a thin sliver for the tomato on your burger. Stick these onto your cookies. On the burger and fries, spread the fondant to remove any gaps where the cookie may be visible underneath - this will create a neat finish.
We find that sometimes, icing sugar is still visible on the fondant from rolling. When this happens, we like to use a steamer to dissolve it and restore the vibrance of the fondant, but this step can always be omitted.
Moving on to the royal icing, we are now going to add details that bring these cookies to life!

Starting with the mustard, create a squiggle pattern on the hot dog sausage, and then create a melted cheese corner on the burger using the top of the tomato slice as your starting point. We like to make this quite wide and angled so that it looks more realistic and dimensional.
Next use the caramel/ivory to create your fries. Make small rectangles at different angles to make the pack appear full, and follow the outline of the cookie as a guide for the fries at the top.
Using the red, add the tomato ketchup to the hot dog by creating a squiggle in the opposite direction. Outline the pack of fries and create vertical lines to give the packet extra details.

To create the little dish of tomato ketchup, pipe a square of red in the centre of the cookie, ensuring that you leave about 2/8 inch border of white around the cookie. Snip off the top of your piping bag to create a bigger "nozzle," then flood the cookie starting on the outside and using a round swirling motion as you move towards the center. This creates more height and texture to give the tomato ketchup a realistic appearance.
Take your spring green and pipe the lettuce onto your burger at a side angle. We moved the piping bag up and down as we do this to give the lettuce a leafy look. You can go back in with more icing in a few spots and pipe in the opposite direction to create more texture.
Lastly, on to the white! We turned our soda into a Coca Cola can as this is such a popular and well recognized brand, but feel free to personalize this cookie to your favourite drink. The Coca Cola logo was piped freehand using an online image as a guide for spacing. If you don’t feel confident enough to do this, print out a picture of the logo and cut around it. Place it on your cookie and use a scribe tool to outline your print, then simply fill it in with icing.

For the final detail on the soda can, pipe a thin line at the top in white and a slightly thicker one at the bottom. Once your icing is dry, paint the lines with edible silver paint.

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