Sleep Mask Cookies

Sleep Mask Cookies

Now that the weather is getting cold and our big fluffy blankets are out, there's nothing we want more than to spend a day in bed. Follow along as Catherine of @birdandbiscuit helps us simulate this feeling with sleep mask cookies using CookieCutterKingdom's Mardi Gras Mask Cookie Cutter!

Here’s what you’ll need:

 - CookieCutterKingdom Mardi Gras Mask Cutter
- Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
- Royal Icing (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here) in pale blue and white
- Piping bags
- Decorating tips: 1 and 2
- 1 decorating squeeze bottle
Get ready for a sugar crash because these Mardi Gras masks are all dressed (down) for bedtime – and they’re a dream to decorate, in as little as 4 simple steps!
First, you’ll want to pipe the outline of the eyemask with your #2 tip, making sure that you leave enough room around the edge for a frilly trim; I left about ¼ inch. Flood the eye mask with the same colour; I used just a small amount of AmeriColor’s Sky Blue, but I think any soft colour would look pretty!
Allow the icing to dry for a couple of hours before adding the rest of the detail. Use your #1 tip to add the trip by simply piping connected half circles all the way around. Your icing should be fairly stiff so that each half-circle doesn’t melt into its neighbor.
Once you’ve added all of the trim, use the same piping bag and tip to outline the blue mask.
All that’s left now is to draw the sleepy eyes! With the same piping bag and tip that you used for the trim, simply draw 2 arched lines and add 5 or 6 vertical lines for lashes!
Sweet dreams!
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