Watercolor Flower Cookie

If you were to look inside my head, it would probably remind you of a pinball machine; a bazillion ideas bouncing off the walls of my brain every three seconds. With that being said, I am also somewhat of a perfectionist. Scattered brain + perfectionism = stress freak.  As I was organizing ideas for Valentine's Day cookies, I came across some work by decorator/artist, Angela Niño. To me, her style was untamed and raw, but I was amazed at how everything she did came together so perfectly. I immediately stopped what I was doing and decided I wanted to try and create something similar using her beautiful water color/splatter technique. The best part about decorating this cookie was that it was very difficult to mess up and I knew that if I somehow did, I could totally eat it. There's nothing like a tasty mistake!
February 05, 2016 by Cookie Cutter Kingdom


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