7 Piece Sports Ball Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set

$ 35.00

Brand CookieCutterKingdom

Do you or someone you know have the following conditions: Watches too many games? Knows too many player statistics? Follows every sport?

If so, then this 7 Piece Sports Cookie Cutter and Stamp set may be just the thing you need! This set comes with 2 cookie cutters – a circle and football shape – and 5 cookie stamps to leave an imprint. Bake sports themed cookies that look exactly like tennis balls, volleyballs, basketballs, footballs, or soccer balls that will leave your friends and family speechless. All 5 stamps are designed with a built in handle. Circle cutters and stamps are 3 inches x 3 inches while the football set is 3 inches x 2 inches. Hand wash in lukewarm water as our durable plastic design should not be placed in a dishwasher.

We have a huge selection of sports themed cookie cutters, including uniforms, trophies, and balls.

Shipping is available worldwide, including Canada, the UK, and Australia.



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