Poker Suits Cookie Stencil (1 Piece)


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  • 1 COOKIE STENCIL. BETTER THAN A ROYAL FLUSH - This poker cookie stencil has beautifully designed hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds on them, sure to satisfy any poker fanatic's sweet tooth.
  • "USED AND LOVED BY PROFESSIONAL BAKERS - Our stencils for cookies make it quick and easy to apply intricate patterns and details to cookies, muffins, and cakes. Cookie Cutter Kingdom stencils are widely used for cookie decorating and highly reviewed by professional bakers, cookiers, and hobbyist bakers alike. "
  • USE WITH ICING OR AIRBRUSH SPRAY - Use these unique icing stencils with edible food coloring airbrush spray, with royal icing, or with food markers to get simple but beautiful unique textures and added effect, every time. Perfect for cookie decorating.
  • EXTRA DURABLE FOOD-GRADE PLASTIC - The cookie and cupcake stencils are made from thick food-grade plastic which is completely safe, odor-free, and convenient, and can be used time and time again. Wash by hand using warm water and soap. Twice the thickness as regular stencils, but still transparent enough to see the cookie underneath.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH STENCIL HOLDERS - Each cookie template measures 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch. These stencils for cookie decoration from Cookie Cutter Kingdom are compatible with standard stencil holders and can be placed in between stencil holders to be used on cookies.


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