The Cairo Plaque Cookie Cutter

$ 4.00

Brand CookieCutterKingdom

Spread the word on a cookie with our Cairo plaque Cookie Cutter.

Click ‘Customize’ to create a personalized plaque cookie cutter with a name or text! A perfect way to commemorate a special event. The Cairo Plaque Cookie Cutter is available in three distinct sizes -2 inch mini, -3 inch standard, and -4 inch large.

Colors may vary with the Cairo Plaque Cookie Cutter. Each cutter comes in a variety of sizes, including mini, standard, and large.

Choose from our collection of our 40+ plaque shaped cookie cutters.

Shipping is available worldwide, including Canada, the UK, and Australia.


Personalize your own cookie cutters for that special occasion, person, or even pet in three easy steps: (1) Select a Font, (2) Enter a Name, and (3) Select a Size! Choose from hundreds of shapes that have a 'Customize It!' button.



Note: Backwards cutter text will read forwards on dough (like a mirror)

Cutter Size:

Cutter Height: Standard - 1/2 ″



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