The Display Plaque Cookie Cutter

$ 4.00

Brand CookieCutterKingdom

Showcase something deliciously thoughtful using our Display Plaque Cookie Cutter.

Click ‘Customize’ to create a personalized plaque cookie cutter with a name or text! A perfect way to commemorate a special event. The Display Plaque Cookie Cutter is available in small, medium, and large sizes for purchase. All Cookie Cutter Kingdom products produce a seamless, clean cut on cookie dough.

We have a large variety of plaque shaped cookie cutters to choose from.

Shipping is available worldwide, including Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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Personalize your own cookie cutters for that special occasion, person, or even pet in three easy steps: (1) Select a Font, (2) Enter a Name, and (3) Select a Size! Choose from hundreds of shapes that have a 'Customize It!' button.



Note: Backwards cutter text will read forwards on dough (like a mirror)

Cutter Size:

Cutter Height: Standard - 1/2 ″



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