Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter

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Brand CookieCutterKingdom

What’s better than having your cake and eating it too?—Eating it in cookie form! Our Wedding Plate Cake Cookie Cutter is ideal for showcasing engagements. Simply pick the “Customize” button and enter two names to leave a lasting impression into each of your wedding themed cookies. The plate cake wedding cookie cutter is especially made and designed with rigid hardwearing plastic and a can be customized in two different sizes, standard (3 inches), and large (4 inches). All of our cookie cutters have a sharp cutting edge to produce excellent results time after time.

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We ship worldwide including Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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Personalize your own cookie cutters for that special occasion, person, or even pet in three easy steps: (1) Select a Font, (2) Enter a Name, and (3) Select a Size! Choose from hundreds of shapes that have a 'Customize It!' button.



Note: Backwards cutter text will read forwards on dough (like a mirror)

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Cutter Height: Standard - 1/2 ″



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