Yorkie Cookie Cutter

$ 5.50

Brand CookieCutterKingdom

Woof! Your little friend is in need of a dog treat. Bake the perfect dog biscuit shaped like a Yorkie dog breed to show him how much you care. Customize our Yorkie Cookie Cutter to include your pets name stamped right into the treat. Our dog themed cookie cutters will make your loved one stand out at any dog themed event!
Crafted with an incredibly durable plastic that will retain its shape over the course of 1,000s of treats! Comes in standard, and large sizes. The cutting edge is sharp and will give a clean cut through biscuit dough every time.

Have multiple babies? Check out our other dog breed cookie cutters so they don’t feel jealous.

We ship worldwide including Canada, the UK, and Australia.


Personalize your own cookie cutters for that special occasion, person, or even pet in three easy steps: (1) Select a Font, (2) Enter a Name, and (3) Select a Size! Choose from hundreds of shapes that have a 'Customize It!' button.



Note: Backwards cutter text will read forwards on dough (like a mirror)

Cutter Size:

Cutter Height: Standard - 1/2 ″



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