Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt!

Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt!

Summer is about spending time with family and friends. Announce an exciting vacation with this adorable scavenger hunt that the kids are sure to love! Using our summer cookie cutters as stencils, Lynette of @cpcookiesorlando shows us a sweet way of sharing the summer fun. 


I don’t know about you, but summer is a big deal in our house! The kids are off from school, the adults catch a break from work, and we take our annual summer vacation as a family. Each year my husband and I pick a place and decide what we’re doing that summer, then we share it with the rest of the family. This year, I decided to do something fun to share the news of our summer trip. Read on to try it with your kiddos - it’s sure to be a big hit! (You’ll also put some of your cookie cutters to good use. You know, break them in for the summer!)

What you'll need:
-Card stock paper in different colors
-One piece of scrapbook paper (or any paper of your choice)
-CookieCutterKingdom Bikini One Piece Cutter
-CookieCutterKingdom Ice Cream Swirl Cutter
-Permanent markers in different colors
-Decorations with a summer theme (I used scrapbooking stickers, but you can use anything you wish or make some of your own!)



Before I walk you through the project, let me explain the game. You will have cardstock pieces in shapes of items that remind your family of summer. In our case, summer makes us think of the beach and very, very hot Florida weather. That’s why I’m using the CookieCutterKingdom bikini and ice cream cone cutters. These cardstock shapes will hold clues that will send the kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to find more clues and, ultimately, a playfully decorated card telling them where you’re headed for the summer!


Let’s begin! We’ll start with our clues. You will simply trace the shape of your cookie cutters onto the cardstock pieces and cut them out. For the ice cream cone, I used different colors, one for the cone and several for the ice cream to make them in various “flavors.” You can decorate these as you wish. I added some sprinkles to the ice cream and a few patterns onto the swimsuits.

Once your cutouts are decorated, write your clues on the back. Here’s where you need to get creative. You’ll want to make the clues age-appropriate so that your kids will be challenged but able to figure it out on their own. For the eight year old of the house I used clues such as “Pack your bags!” to send him into the closet where we keep the luggage, and, “We’ll need snacks for the road!” to send him into the pantry. Simply use what works for your family and keep it fun and entertaining!

For the last step, fold your scrapbook paper into quarters to make the card. Use your scrapbook stickers, cookie cutter cutouts, markers, and anything else you wish, to decorate it. On the inside, write the details of where your summer vacation will take you this year. Again, remember to make it age-appropriate. My eight year-old boy simply cares to know where we’re going and when. But your sixteen year-old girl might want to know what you’re doing, if the hotel has Wi-Fi, if there’ll be time for shopping and so forth. (I’m projecting myself here, I still need to know every detail! It’s a girl thing!)

The last thing you need to do is hide away your clues. Make sure that you keep one clue to give to your kids to get them started, and that the last clue leads them to the card. This scavenger hunt will make a nice break to the routine once they’re back from school in the afternoon. It sure will get them a bit more motivated to get on with those last few days of school that seem to drag on forever.

Not going anywhere in the summer? Make sure to stash this idea for later use! Just swap up the shapes and decorations to fit whatever season your family chooses to vacation in! I hope you all have fun with this one!

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