The Story

Where there is a cookie cutter there is a celebration. In the form of a cake, cupcake, cookie, cheese plate, empanada, ornament or something else. The cookie cutter is the behind-the-scenes creative magic. It may not always be recognized, but the impact it makes is unmistakable. We’re here to show you the power of a simple cookie cutter. There are few items in your home that can inspire creativity within the kitchen and beyond. We think the cookie cutter is one of those things.

We start with giving you more choices: 4,000+ cookie cutters. And make that boundless with our custom tool that allows you to make any shape into a cutter.

CookieCutterKingdom is your #1 source for cookie cutters. We’re also here for inspiration! To create a community where you can share your cooking/baking/making experiences and find new ideas to try out.

We hope to inspire you to bake more, cook more and do more with your cookie cutters. Share your cookie cutter adventures in the kitchen and around the home with us on Instagram @CookieCutterKingdom


@alicehu and the CookieCutterKingdom Team



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