Shark in the Water!

Shark in the Water!

The more cookies the better, right? Catherine of @birdandbiscuit shares these beach-ready shark fin and wave cookies made with the same cookie cutter!


These wave cookies make a big splash, and if you look carefully… there’s something lurking in the water!

I love it when one cookie cutter has the ability to create a number of different designs, so I was particularly excited to discover that CookieCutterKingdom’s wave plays double duty as a shark fin, with the simplest of hacks!

Here's how to re-create my shimmering waves...

What you'll need:
-Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-CookieCutterKingdom Wave Cookie Cutter
-A sharp knife
-Royal icing in white, light blue, medium blue (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Piping Bags
-Decorating squeeze bottles
-Decorating Tip 2
-Safety pin or other pointed tool
-A TON of sprinkles
--White and varying shades of blue nonpareils (light and medium). My go-to nonpareil for waves are from thebakersconfections Etsy shop – their Light Blue jar includes light blue, sky blue and pastel blue nonpareils all in one!
--Clear and varying shades of blue sanding sugar (light and medium). Again, thebakersconfections has a really beautiful light blue option.


To create the fin, simply cut the top of the wave off with a sharp knife before baking – I’d recommend keeping the first scrap piece to use as a template for the rest of your fins, however the nice thing about animals and other natural shapes is that uniformity isn’t necessary!

Decorating the fins is pretty straight forward, so I’ll get to the fun part: the waves!

You’ll end up covering most of the icing with sprinkles, so you don’t have to worry about being perfect when piping and flooding. The most important thing to note when making these cookies is to work fast enough that you can mix the icing colours for an ombre effect and ensure your sprinkles stick!
Start off by piping and flooding the cap of the wave with your white royal icing, decorating tip and squeeze bottle.

While the white icing is still wet, pipe and flood the mid-section of the wave with your light blue royal icing.

To get the ombre effect, use a pointed tool (I used a safety pin), or the tip of your light blue squeeze bottle to stir one colour into the next in the direction that the water would be moving.

While the icing is still wet, generously sprinkle white nonpareils, clear sanding sugar and a small amount of pale blue sanding sugar on the white icing. Use pale blue sanding sugar and your combo of blue nonpareils on the mid-section of the waves (with a few white ones for dimension). 

Pipe and flood the lower section of the wave with your medium blue royal icing, and mix it into the pale blue like you did above.

Finish the lower section with your medium blue sanding sugar and a generous dose of blue nonpareils.

You can add sprinkles to each section as you ice, or wait until each section has been iced – in this case, I added sprinkles as I iced because the consistency of my icing was off and it was drying faster than I would have liked. 


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