The Best Glazing Technique for Perfectly Decorated Cookies

The Best Glazing Technique for Perfectly Decorated Cookies

A good glaze technique is the foundation for any decorated cookie, but nobody seems to agree on which method is the best! Today, we’ll cover the pros and cons of two common cookie glazing methods, and then share our favorite process for a smooth, neat result every time.

Option 1: The Pour-Over Glaze

This method of glazing is the fastest and easiest. You line up a bunch of cookies on a cooling rack or other perforated surface, mix your glaze, and simply drizzle it over the cookies. Excess glaze trickles through the holes in the cooling rack, leaving just the right amount on your cookies. It’s quick and easy, but using multiple colors is very difficult and most of the glaze goes to waste.

Option 2: Dipping Cookies

Dipping cookies results in waste and marginally neater results. Essentially, you dunk each cookie in a bowl of glaze, allow the majority to drip off, and then allow the cookie to dry face-up. Unfortunately, it’s still easy to make a big mess.

Our Favorite: Color Between the Lines

Our favorite glazing technique is more time-consuming yet more reliable than dipping or pouring glaze. Essentially, you create a dam for the glaze out of royal icing which holds the glaze in place as it dries. The end result is a smooth, even glaze with crisp lines.

To use this method, you’ll need our favorite cookie glaze and a piping bag of royal icing. Tint both materials the same color or use contrasting colors for extra pizazz. To begin, use royal icing to outline the area you want to glaze. (Make sure the royal icing makes a firm seal with the cookie or it could be washed away when you add the glaze!) Next, spoon a small amount of glaze into the middle of the cookie. Tilt the cookie back and forth or use a toothpick to spread it evenly across the surface. Set aside until the glaze dries, and proceed with additional icing or decorations. Repeat until all your cookies are glazed!

There really isn’t a wrong way to glaze your cookies, but we think the outline-and-fill method yields the neatest, most consistent results. Whichever one you try, be sure to snap a photo and share it with us on Facebook—we’d love to feature your creations!


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