Engagement Cookies!

Engagement Cookies!

We're right in the middle of "engagement season," when there is a disproportionate number of friends and acquaintances getting engaged. This post will be helpful for those who want to congratulate friends on recent engagements, help out with a cookie proposal or simply a unique way to announce an engagement to friends and family. Bobbie of 5th Avenue Cake Designs shares her take on an engagement cookie.

Engagement cookies by Bobbie Noto

Supplies Needed For This Project


Small dish of water

Cookie Dough Recipe or (use your favorite recipe)

Royal Icing Recipe (or use your favorite recipe)
•Flood consistency royal icing
•Soft peak consistency royal icing
•Off-peak royal consistency royal icing



The Sugar Art

• Edible Rainbow Dust Marker

• EverClear or lemon extract
• Dehydrator or Fan

Video Instructions


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