Let's Ring in the New Year

Let's Ring in the New Year

These beautifully crafted cookies by Ardy Robertson are the perfect way to congratulate friends on their engagement! What better way to make the couple feel special and congratulate them than by making them your very own custom cookies. These cookies would also be great as engagement announcements. Check out her post below for engagement cookies!
Supplies you’ll need: 
  • Rolled cookie dough
  • Rolling pin and Perfect Strips (for 3/8” thick cookies)
  • 4” Nice Plaque cutter
  • 2” Diamond Ring cutter
  • Royal Icing (3/4 cup piping consistency, 3/4 cup flood consistency)
  • Fondant (white and grey or yellow)
  • Disco Dust (snowball and silver or gold)
  • 3 Piping bags 
  • Decorating tips 2, 3 and 5
  • Newly engaged friends!
Start by making your favorite rolled cookie dough recipe.  I prefer to roll my dough out and then freeze it for about an hour to get sharp, clean cuts. CookieCutterKingdom’s 4-inch Nice Plaque Cookie Cutter is a fabulous all-purpose cutter to have.  It’s one of the few I can actually use year round. With the teeny bit of leftover dough, I used CCK’s 2-inch mini Diamond Ring and Heart Cookie Cutters. They make the perfect bite-sized samples to keep my hungry hubby at bay.
While your cookies are baking, have a little fun with fondant. Using the same 2-inch mini Diamond Ring Cookie Cutter, cut out rings (grey for silver/platinum and yellow for gold). Then, use it again to cut out just the top diamond section from white fondant. I used Disco Dust to add a little sparkle - just like a real ring!
After your cookies are cooled, prepare about one and a half cups of piping consistency royal icing and tint it the right shade for the base. Outline your plaques with a number 3 tip. Then tint about a quarter cup of this royal a darker shade and set it aside in a piping bag.
Thin the remaining royal icing a bit by adding a teaspoon(ish) of water and stirring well. Flood the insides of all your plaques with this thinner royal by using a number 5 tip. Then ice your mini rings and hearts.
Gently place the fondant shapes on your iced plaques and let them dry for at least an hour. Don’t forget to add the white diamond shapes to the mini rings. Pipe on your message, using a size 2 tip, with the darker shade of royal icing once the base is hard to the touch.
Happy baking, 
IG: @ardycakes
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These cookies are sooooo darn cute! I would love to have them as an engagement gift when couples I know announce.

Katy Hilk

“Those cookies are adorable and what a great way to include friends and family for a special occasion. She has easy step by step directions that make it user friendly. Love that!! The mini rings and hearts are especially darling.

Hope gage

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