Adorable Hedgehog Cookies

Adorable Hedgehog Cookies


Ardy Robertson shares a tutorial for the cutest hedgehogs!


Look what I received in the mail from CookieCutterKingdom!  I couldn’t wait to put this cutter to use. These are the perfect cookies for beginners to make because the sprinkles cover up any unsightly piping errors.  

Supplies you’ll need: 

-Rolled cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Rolling pin and Perfect Strips
-CookieCutterKingdom Hedgehog Cookie Cutter
-Royal Icing Recipe
-3 Piping Bags
-Decorating tips 2 and 5
-Chocolate sprinkles

    Roll out your favorite cookie/shortbread dough and use CookieCutterKingdom’s 4-inch Hedgehog Cookie Cutter to get your shapes. I like to freeze my cutouts for about half an hour before baking; this helps them maintain that pointy outline. I managed to get 14 of these roly-poly cuties out of 1 batch. 
    While your cookies are cooling, whip up some royal icing to a nice medium consistency. Tint a small amount (about 1/4 cup) ivory and an even teeny-tinier amount pink. The rest of the royal needs to be a nice dark brown. Turn half of your cookies over so that you end up with some facing left and some facing right.

    Using a size 2 tip on your ivory royal, pipe the face shape, the legs and tail - let dry about 10 minutes (or more). Take your ivory bag and go over the ear shape. This gives some definition!

    Then, use the pink and pipe on tiny noses with a size 2 tip. Pipe on eyes and smiles with black royal from a size 2 tip as well. Here’s one of my biggest secrets: I always keep some black royal icing on hand. It stores in the fridge for weeks. So, I just pulled out my air-tight container of black royal and piped on the itty-bitty eyes and smiles! Saves tons of time!

    Now, put all the dark brown royal in a piping bag fitted with a size 5 tip. Outline the shape of your hedge and slowly work your way into the middle. It’s ok if it’s not perfect - you’re going to cover it all with sprinkles anyways! Gently press your cookie into a mound of chocolate sprinkles. Be sure to cover it all. I like to nudge any wayward sprinkles into place with my scribe tool. 

    Because I want my hedgies to double as early Valentine Day’s gifts, I added some heart shaped sprinkles for girly bows. Then I packaged them up nicely to give as prezzies for friends at church and coworkers. I tell them this is a little sweet reward for having to deal with so many people with rough exteriors!! 

    Happy Baking,


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    Sweetest things ever!! Really enjoy reading your tips too!


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