Valentine's Day Kisses and Roses Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Lynette M. of Cutie Pie Baked Treats shares a rose and lips cookie tutorial.

You will need:

  • White medium consistency royal icing
  • Pink sanding sugar
  • Red sanding sugar
  • Pink nonpareils
  • Heart-shaped sprinkles
  • Icing bottles or bags
  • Wilton tip 2
    Start by cutting out the cookies and baking according to your recipe. Once the cookies are cooled, you can begin to decorate.
    For this first lip design, you will outline and flood the entire cookie using flood consistency white royal icing.
    After it is dry (eight to twelve hours), use white medium consistency royal icing to trace the shape of the lipstick with bumpy and uneven lines along the top and bottom lip. As you can see in the picture, I used pink medium consistency royal icing, instead of white, for the purpose of it showing more clearly in the picture. Once the sanding sugar covers it, you will not be able to tell the color of the icing. For more information about royal icing, check out Royal Icing Tips and Tricks from SweetAmbs.
    While the icing is wet, place the cookie icing-side down into either the pink or red sanding sugar. Give the sanding sugar container a little shake to ensure that the sugar covers all of the icing. Pick up your cookie and gently tap the back to release any excess sugar.
    On this second lip design, we want to see the division between the top and bottom lip. Begin by outlining and flooding the top half of the cookie with white flood consistency royal icing. While the icing is still wet, apply a heart-shaped sprinkle off to the side.
    Wait 10 to 20 minutes for the icing to crust, then outline and flood the bottom half of the cookie. This will allow for the division between both lips to be visible. Allow the cookie to dry completely (eight to ten hours).
    Using white medium consistency royal icing, outline the shape of the lips. (Again, I used pink icing for the purpose of the picture.)
    While the icing is still wet, place the cookie icing-side down into the pink nonpareils. Give the nonpareils’ container a little shake to ensure that all of the icing is covered. Pick up your cookie and gently tap the back to release any excess nonpareils. Be careful when handling the cookie until it is completely dry. Unlike the sanding sugar, the nonpareils will remain a little loose on the icing until it dries completely.
    For our final design, we have the rose. Because we want the petals and leaves to stand out individually, we will have to pipe them one at a time allowing at least ten minutes for the icing to crust before piping adjacent petals. Start by piping the left and right rose petals in red flood consistency royal icing. At the same time, pipe the dark green leaves.
    Continue to alternate sections while allowing ten minutes for crusting in between.
    When you pipe the stem of the rose, while the icing is still wet, place three heart-shaped sprinkles in a row going down the stem. This will add a Valentine’s Day touch to the cookie!
    Allow your cookies to dry completely, preferably overnight, before handling them or packaging them. These cookies will make a great gift for family and friends on Valentine’s Day!
    Lynette M.
    Cutie Pie Baked Treats
    February 09, 2016 by Cookie Cutter Kingdom
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