Grammy Party Decorations with Cookie Cutters

Grammy Party Decorations with Cookie Cutters

We are so excited for Deena of @charmandglitz to share this very special DIY post! She transforms our cookie cutters into decorations for a party. Read more about how to create your own below.


Don't you just love cookie cutters? Ever see this awesome array of options and think they are way too cute to be tucked into a drawer? Well I'm here to show you how to turn your favorites into a garland.

With award season upon us, I decided to make a Grammy-inspired garland, featuring the 4-inch CookieCutterKingdom Grammy Award Cookie Cutter. I also picked a few other 4-inch cutters that went along with elements of music's biggest night:
music notemovie ticketshooting star, and popcorn. (Remember, odd numbers always look best.)

The cutters come in white plastic, but when I think of the Grammys, I think gold. So my first step in creating my garland was to spray the cutters with Krylon, metallic spray paint, in "brass."

I worked outside and just followed the directions on the can to spray two coats.

Since the cutters are silhouettes of shapes, I figured my garland should hang in front of my chalkboard, in order to let it POP. So, while the cutters were drying, I doodled "And the AWARD goes to" along the bottom of the board. It felt like the perfect choice!

Next, I measured out some twine and measured out the amount of drape I wanted for the garland. I wanted to make sure the doodles would still show. I then simply tied each cutter onto the twine, with equal spacing.

I've loved award season ever since I was a little girl and I've seen several Oscar parties on Pinterest (by the way, there are also really cute movie-themed cutters!). I decided it would be fun to host a Grammys edition.  I'll invite few friends to a watch party, starting with the red carpet.

Of course, every party should feature a snack table, and here's where my new Grammy garland will come into play. I think it will be a great conversation piece, as I reveal what it's made of.  To round out the table, I've kept to my black and white and gold theme and added an assortment of sweet and salty snacks.

The fun thing is that my daughter is a really big pop-culture fan. So after the party, we can totally hang this in her room. She has been creating a gallery wall and this will fit right in. I may even add a few yarn puff balls to give it some texture against her white walls.
Thanks for having me, CookieCutterKingdom!

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