Popsicle Cookies

Popsicle Cookies


With warm weather starting to make its way into the forecast, we can't wait for summer to start. Jenessa of Dolce Cakes & Confections shows us how to make a cute cookie version of our favorite summer snack, popsicles! How will you personalize our Popsicle Cookie Cutter with your own colors and sprinkles?


I have an odd obsession with knowing and learning random facts. I am a cornucopia of superfluous knowledge. I'm pretty sure it stems from me being adopted and feeling slightly alienated when I was younger. I figured if I knew a little bit about everything, I could start a conversation with pretty much anyone.

Anyways, today's factoid that I wanted to share with you is that March is National Frozen Food Month! I was fortunate enough to grow up having home cooked meals a majority of the time, so when I think of frozen foods, I think of ice cream. I don't know about you, but I would have a frozen ice cream bar over a Hungry Man microwavable dinner!!! What better way to celebrate National Frozen Food Month than with some ice cream bar cookies?


Materials needed:

-Roll out cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-CookieCutterKingdom's Popsicle Cookie Cutter
-Popsicle sticks
-White royal icing
-Brown royal icing
-White nonpareils



To start out, you want to roll out your cookie dough slightly thicker than normal to about a ½" thick. After cutting out your cookie, take a knife and cut off the bottom section that would be the stick and replace it with the actual popsicle stick. Try to insert the stick about halfway into the dough as evenly as possible. I like to chill my dough before cutting it out and inserting the popsicle stick to help prevent warping the dough.

Carefully place the cookies on your pan and bake. If your cookies are misshapen, don't fret! Have you seen the shapes of some the real ones that come off of the ice cream trucks?! Also, I like to bake off the little cookie ends that I cut off. They make for perfect pop-able snacks.  Man, try saying that three times fast…PERFECT POP-ABLE SNACKS, PERFECT POP-ABLE SNACKS, PERFECT POP-ABLE SNACKS!

I decorated these using 2 different methods. The first method is the traditional way and the second method is a little faster, but also a bit messier. I personally like using the second method because the cookies look more realistic. Either way, the end result for both methods looks wonderful so pick whichever you feel comfortable doing.

Frosting Method #1: Traditional

Flood your cookie with white royal icing and set aside to dry.

Once dry, pipe brown royal icing in a wavy pattern along the bottom half of your cookie and fill.

Sprinkle with white nonpareils and let dry. Easy Peasy!

Frosting Method #2: Unconventional

Carefully hold your cookie over a small bowl or shallow container. Use an extra popsicle stick under your cookie as a support if you need.

Pour the white royal icing over your cookie with a spoon and gently spread it over the sides. You'll want the royal icing to be a little thinner than flooding consistency. Let the excess icing drip off and move your cookie to a sheet pan. You can use the edge of the spoon to help scrap any excess off the bottom edges. Set your cookies aside and let them dry completely.

Now that your cookie is dry, use the brown royal icing to pipe a wavy line that runs ½ - ¾ of the way down your cookie and flood the top half.  Make sure to cover the sides of your cookie with brown icing as well.  Use an extra popsicle stick to help scrape off the excess.

Lastly, sprinkle white nonpareils on the brown section. I like to add all of the brown to the cookies, then add the nonpareils afterwards so they sit on top of the royal icing without sinking in too much.

Once your cookies are dry, you can place them in cellophane bags and tie ribbons around the sticks or just enjoy them as they are.

After making these, I kind of felt like I could work for Willy Wonka because I just made ice cream pops that never melt. Whether you like your ice cream frozen or cookie-fied, these can be enjoyed all year round!

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