Toadally Charming Frogs

Toadally Charming Frogs


Catherine of The Bird + Biscuit
creates these toadally charming frogs in just a few simple steps. Will they turn out to be your Prince Charming? Probably not, but we can guarantee that they will be delicious!



I love how simple and sweet these cookies turned out, but much like the spoiled princess in the Frog Prince, I didn't fall in love with them right away - I actually came close to abandoning them half way through the decorating process because I just couldn’t see how they'd ever get cute; I was wrong and I'm glad that I finished them. I see now that these little frogs really come alive because of their huge eyes and endearing smiles. The best part? They were beyond easy to create; here’s how!

Supplies Needed:

I made these frogs in four sections: head, body, right leg and left leg. To keep them from melting into each other, I recommend you wait a couple of hours between icing the sections that touch. If you don't let the first section harden enough, the second will run into it and you won't get legs or a head that are separate from the frog's body. Use your #2 tip and mint colored royal icing to pipe the frog's body first (that way, you can pipe the head and legs together once the body has dried), and flood with the same color icing. I used just a small amount of Mint Green from AmeriColor.

I cheated when it came to the eyes on these little frogs, and bought candy eyes - these are amazing for the lazy perfectionist! If you have the time and patience, you can easily make your own eyes with white and black royal icing. I used my mint green piping icing to secure the eyes to the frogs. 

All that's left is putting a smile on their faces! You could use the mint piping icing again, but in this case I used a darker version of my mint (it's the same color I used for my lily pads, and the outline I piped onto those is the same as the frog's mint body). 

The Bird + Biscuit
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Love these!!! So cute! Great blog too, easy to understand.. Am going to give it a try!


Love those little frogs. They would be perfect not just for leap year but St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. ?☘ You make it look so easy!!!! The colours are great. Lily pads and lilies so perfect too. You must have a very steady hand. ?


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