What's the Buzz!?: A Honeycomb Cake

What's the Buzz!?: A Honeycomb Cake

The latest buzz: this un-bee-lievably elegant cake from Ardy of @ardycakes! Using our cookie cutters with other ingredients like fondant opens up a whole new world of possibilities. What will you create?


I was hosting a bee-themed party and wanted a fun, but classy cake. Traditional beehives were too cutesy; I wanted something more sophisticated. So I dreamt up this ombré honeycomb idea, but I wasn't sure which size CookieCutterKingdom Hexagon Cookie Cutter would be best.

  Well, ask and ye shall receive! CookieCutterKingdom granted my request and made me both 1" and 1.5" hexagon cutters. I ended up using the 1" cutter. Even though it looks complicated, it's a great cake for any "bee-ginner."

First, I tinted 4 baseball-sizes of fondant in graduating shades of yellow. I rolled them out and cut about 35 hexagons of the darker shades and about 20 of the lighter shades using my 1" cutter from CookieCutterKingdom. Then I just frosted 5" and 8" cakes with white buttercream.

While the buttercream was still fresh, I started attaching the hexagons with the darker yellow at the bottom. I cut a few in half to fill in the open spots (do this at the top, as well, with the white hexagons). Continue placing hexagons all around the cake using lighter shades, ending with white at the very top.

That's it! I cut some fresh florals from the table center pieces and added them for effect. Really, it only took me about an hour to decorate the whole thing.  And a busy bee (like me) appreciates that!

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