Choosing the Best Cookie Photo Background

Choosing the Best Cookie Photo Background

When photographing your cookie creations, each part of the photo, from the cookies themselves to the background and the props, contribute to the making of a great photo. If your cookies are all dressed up and ready to go, check out our background ideas for a fabulous photo opportunity! (Photo credit: @hol_fox)


1. Explore patterned paper for unlimited possibilities! Marble paper is guaranteed for a polished look. Wood paper is perfect for a rustic kitchen style. From polka dots to chevrons to solid color, you're bound to find a patterned paper set that you can use for many more photos to come. 

Obsessed with these Alice in Wonderland cookies!! Our Budapest Plaque Cutter looks awesome ?? ? @merci.bakery #cookiecutterkingdom

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2. Add texture with crinkle-cut paper, sprinkles, or other 3D backgrounds. This is an interesting way to keep a solid-colored background and let your cookies shine. Crinkle-cut paper works especially well if you're photographing a cookie set - it looks as if you're about to ship it off! On the other hand, sprinkles fit right in with a kitchen theme and are great for adding a pop of color. 

What an awesome gift to send to your friend when they're 100 days away from the wedding! ? @mindysbakeshop #cookiecutterkingdom

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3. Join in on the #cookieinthewild craze and take your cookie outside! All the best cookie-grammers are using our new hashtag, and we love it! From a flamingo cookie at the beach to a lighthouse cookie on the coast, the possibilities are endless. 

? #cookieinthewild ? @mountaintreats [CookieCutterKingdom Lips Cutter] #cookiecutterkingdom

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4. Keep your cookies on the rack for an interesting action shot. Your cookies may be decorated and all, but they'll look like they came straight out of the oven with this background. 

So much cheese... But actually they're cookies!? [Slice of Cheese Cookie Cutter] ? @ajcpatisserie so amazing! ? #cookiecutterkingdom

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5. Go back to basics with white. Who says a white background can't be fancy? White plates and cake trays are still attention-getters while being a reliable backdrop to showcase your cookies. 

Black and white marble cookies with a touch of pink ???? ? @nutmegandhoneybee [✨Check out our 50+ plaque cutters✨] #cookiecutterkingdom

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And there you have it! Some backgrounds to start you on your Instagram journey. Tag your cookie creations with #cookiecutterkingdom to be featured.

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Very helpful article, thank you!

Jerri Jones

I like to photograph my cookies with a coordinating scrapbook paper behind them


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