Cookies as Party Decorations: Cookie Tassels

Cookies as Party Decorations: Cookie Tassels

Tissue paper tassels are a big hit at parties this summer! We're loving our Prima Donna Tassel Garland from Just Artifacts and summer cookies by @bakedtomeasure. Here are a few ways to add your own cookie-fied twist to these fun and colorful decorations.

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Assemble and hang your tassels according to the instructions. You can space them as widely or closely as you would like. We placed our tassels fairly close to each other, and it reminds us of a hula skirt! Tie a half knot around each tassel to keep it in place. This way, tassels will still be easily moveable in case you want to make any changes.

Time to add the cookies! You will need your decorated cookies, thread or ribbon of your choice, and transparent tape. We used a transparent thread similar to fishing line, but decorative ribbon will work as well.

Attach the thread to your cookies. The best way to do this is to choose cookies that you can easily loop thread around and tie securely. 

If your cookies are very thin and lightweight, you can tie the other end of the thread directly to your string of tassels. Pull your tassels taunt to the wall to prevent the cookies from dragging it down too much.

If your cookies are heavy, tape them to the wall where you have attached your tassels. Arrange them to your liking! We used some blue tape to show you how we hung the cookies. As you can see, the bikini bottom cookie is attached to the wall with two strings - try this out for more secure hanging. 

If you haven't made your cookies yet, there's a way to make the hanging bit much easier. As you cut your cookies from dough, punch a hole through the cookie. Be careful to leave enough room between the hole and the edge so that the cookie does not break.


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