Dancing Girls Emoji Cookies

Dancing Girls Emoji Cookies

We love our emojis! If you and your best friend are emoji-fans like us, here's a great way to share the love, and a yummy treat too. These adorable cookie twins by Catherine of @birdandbiscuit are ready for any event!


As a twin myself, the dancing girls emoji is my absolute favorite! It’s always in my frequently used collection, so I was beyond excited to turn it into a cookie, thanks to CookieCutterKingdom! For those of you who actually update your software, this cutter is a throwback to iOS 8.2 which I think is way cuter than the new one with bunny ears (bring our girls back, Apple!)


Here’s what you’ll need:
 -CookieCutterKingdom Dancing Girls Emoji Cookie Cutter
-Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Royal Icing (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here) in black, yellow, and any skin tone
-Piping bags
-Decorating tips: 1 and 2
-3 decorating squeeze bottles

Mix cookie dough based on recipe and dust your work surface with flour. Roll out the cookie dough (recommended: between 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick) and dip cutter in flour before cutting out the emojis. 

To avoid black stains on your non-black icing, I recommend icing all of the black sections first: shoes; bodysuits; and ears (horns, antennae, lol - I don’t even know what they are!).
Let these parts dry for a couple of hours before icing the neighbouring sections – if you set your cookies in front of a fan it will help cut the drying time! Also, make sure that you pop any air bubbles with a pin or decorating tool to avoid cracks in your cookies once they dry.
When your girls are all suited up with shoes, bodysuits, and ears, it’s time to give them legs and arms. Since you have the bodysuits and shoes as a reference, simply pipe the legs by connecting them with two vertical lines and flood with the skin tone icing you’ve created. I used AmeriColor gel in warm brown, with a hint of peach and lemon yellow. Add arms using the bodysuit sleeves as a guide for thickness, and connect to the hip.
Now, the cute part… it’s time for hair and makeup! To give the girls a defined side-part, ice one side of their hair at a time, with your yellow icing and a number 1 tip, leaving a couple of hours between each section.
Once all of the hair has dried, pipe the chin and flood the entire facial area with your skin tone icing, using the hair as a barrier.

Let the faces dry for a couple of hours and then add two dots for eyes, one dot for the nose, and a half moon for the mouth – all with your number 1 tip. To create the smiling mouth, pipe a dot and pull the left and right sides out and up using a pin or similar decorating tool.
Once the face has fully dried, add the neck by flooding the scoop of the bodysuit and connecting it to the chin.
Final step? Share with your bestie and enjoy!

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LOVE these! And so delicious :)


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