Potted Cactus Cookies

Potted Cactus Cookies

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy these cacti cookies. You only need cookie dough, icing, and CookieCutterKingdom’s Potted Cactus Cookie Cutter! Mona of @merci.bakery shows us how to make these cute potted cactus cookies!


Here's what you will need:

- CookieCutterKingdom’s Potted Cactus Cookie Cutter

- Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)

- Royal icing (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)

- X-acto knife

- Needle/ scribe tool

- Edible food color markers

- Piping bags



Starting with chilled cookie dough, roll out the dough to ¼ - ½ thick. Use plenty of flour to keep the dough from sticking.  Carefully cut out the cactus cookies. Occasionally dipping the cutter into flour helps keep the cookies edges nice and sharp.

Tip: If the cookie dough becomes too soft and pliable during this stage, simply put your cookies into the fridge or freezer and chill for 5 - 7 minutes before baking them. Chilled cookie dough tends to spread less.


Now it is time to get creative! Although the potted cactus cutter is adorable as is, you can use your X-acto knife to form the cacti into different heights and shapes to add variety.

Starting with the bright white, ivory, and terra-cotta colors, begin piping the pots. To create dimension, let the rims of the pots dry for a few minutes before filling in the bottoms. I used the wet-on-wet technique to create a geometric color-block design to a few of the pots!  

Next, use the green colors to create the cacti and succulents. There are many different species of cacti, and that makes the possibilities endless! Be creative; you can’t go wrong here! Don’t forget to adorn the cacti with pretty flowers.

Let the cookies dry overnight before adding the details with the edible markers (my favorite brand is Food Doodler). 

You want to make sure the cookies are completely dry and that the icing is set. Otherwise you will get dents in the icing when you use the markers.


Mona Flood


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