Watermelon Rain Gear

Watermelon meets rain gear in this rainy day tutorial by Amanda of @minimandakay. We wouldn't mind rainy days if we had cute boots and umbrellas like this!


We had a few thunderstorms roll through last week and it reminded me how badly I am in need of a new pair of rainboots. With the rain keeping me indoors I decided to design my much needed rain gear as cookies using one of my favorite summer treats as inspiration!

What you’ll need:
-CookieCutterKingdom's umbrella and rainboot
-Your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Royal icing in dark green, light green, red, black, and tan (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-Scribe Tool
-Gel food coloring (I most frequently use Americolor and Spectrum)
-Rolling pin (an adjustable pin or guides help make an even sheet of dough)
-Piping bags



Begin by piping a dark green line along the top edge of the umbrellas and the sole of the boots. To get the effect of tread on the boots pipe beads along the bottom edge of the dark green line.

Pipe a thicker light green line along the bottom edge of the dark green line on the umbrellas and along the top edge of the line on the boots. Continue the light green line up the heel of the boots as well. Fill in the remaining empty space on the cookies (except the handle of the umbrellas) with red.

Let the cookies sit for 10 minutes or so before adding the seeds. For the umbrellas, pipe a black bead at each point and using a scribe tool drag the bottom of the bead down to create a seed. Give the umbrellas handles at this time as well. For the rainboots, pipe 4 black beads along the left edge where they would resemble clasps. Using a scribe tool drag the bead to the left to create a seed again.




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