Rainbow Mermaid Tail Cookie

Rainbow Mermaid Tail Cookie

Jenessa of @dolcecakesconfections shows us a colorful way to decorate summer cookies with this rainbow mermaid tail. Sure to delight at pool parties, beach trips, and more! 


I don't know what it is about mermaids, but something about them is just mesmerizing. My middle daughter got a Mermaid Swim Tail for her 6th birthday last month and it is absolutely beautiful! It is so pretty that I actually squeezed myself into it at the pool one day just so I could feel magical. I only wore it for about 37 seconds, long enough to snap a photo or two, because I couldn't walk or breathe in it...but that's beside the point. I can now say I was a mermaid at one point in my life! Anyways, from that moment on, I knew I needed to cookie-fy (if that is even a word) her Swim Tail.

What you’ll need:
-Sugar cookie dough (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-CookieCutterKingdom Whale Tail Cutter
-White royal icing in flooding, stiff consistency (CookieCutterKingdom recipe here)
-2 small paint brushes
-AmeriColor AmeriMist Electric Airbrush Color (pink, yellow, green, blue and purple)
-Gold luster dust
-Clear alcohol or extract

You want to start by rolling out, cutting and baking off your tail shapes.

Once your cookies are cooled, outline and flood them with white royal icing and let them dry overnight. I usually make sure to pop any air bubbles that form, but since we will be covering the cookie later, it's not necessary. 

Paint a light upside down V shape on your cookie, separating the tips of the tail from the main section. Feel free to skip this part if you feel comfortable enough to not need guides. With the stiff white royal icing, pipe some lines on one side and use a lightly dampened paintbrush (used for food only) to spread the royal icing in a downwards motion. 
Next, pipe another set of lines that connect at the tip over the brushed sections. Add a little more water to your brush and smooth the sections in between the lines to make the edges less harsh. 
To make the scales, use the same stiff icing to pipe and brush arched shapes along the main part of the tail. After each row is piped, use a brush embroidered technique to add dimension to each scale. You can achieve this look by taking a smaller, wet brush and dragging icing from the edge downwards using small strokes. If there isn't enough texture in your scales, just pipe some small vertical lines on each scale. 
Once the whole tail is covered with scales, go back and add another set of lines to the tip sections of the tails. This seems a little redundant, but it will add so much dimension to the tail. Set the cookie aside to dry for at least 3-4 hours. 

Now that your cookie is dry, use the Electric Pink airbrush color and paint the tip sections. If you don't have airbrush color, you can use gel paste colors with a drop or two or water, clear alcohol or extract for paint. 
Use this same pink and paint the flat bottom section of the tail. Make sure to paint the coloring on in a jagged or wavy pattern. It doesn't have to be perfect because the colors will blend together. Also, use a little dropper to add a little water to your paint if you want to dilute the intensity of the color. 
Continue to paint the scales in this order: blue, purple, green, blue to the bottom of the green, then yellow. Dab the sections that touch with a little water to help them blend together. Make sure not to use too much water though or it will start to dissolve your royal icing. 
Set the cookie aside for 10-15 minutes or set it in front of a fan to dry a little bit.
For the finishing touch, take some gold luster dust mixed with alcohol or extract and paint the edges of the scales. I like to hold my brush horizontally so the tip doesn't accidentally paint the centers of the scales. 

Also, if this isn't enough for you, these stunning mermaid tails can easily be transformed into show-stopping 3D cookies by following the second half of my 3D Sailboat Cookie Tutorial.
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