Make an Icing Bag in 5 Easy Steps

Commercially-made icing bags (sometimes also known as “piping bags”) are expensive and often ill-suited for cookie decorating projects. If you need crisp lines and plenty of artistic control—all within a reasonable budget—then this quick project is perfect for you. Today, we’ll use waxed paper to create a custom-sized icing bag in 5 minutes or less.

The Process

  1. To begin, mix up a batch of royal icing. Color it however you like using our easy instructions. (If you’re adding royal icing on top of another frosting or glaze, be sure the base coat is completely dry, allowing between 4-12 hours of curing time to prevent the colors from bleeding.)
  2. Cut a square of waxed paper about 5 inches by 5 inches. Later on, you can adjust the size of your waxed paper squares according to how much icing you’ll use.
  3. Roll the square of paper around your hand, twisting to form a cone shape. Try to create a cone that comes to a closed point rather than one with an opening at the base. Secure the edges with a piece of masking or drafting tape. (Clear or cellophane tapes will pull away from the waxed surface.)
  4. Bend back the top edges of your piping bag slightly to prevent frosting from getting all over the outside of the bag as you fill it. Spoon in royal icing.
  5. Fold the top edges of the piping bag back up, and twist the top gently until icing is pressed down to the point of the cone. This creates a seal and prevents icing from squirting out onto your hands. Then snip off the end and start decorating! (Quick tip: to decorate like a real pro, never squeeze the middle of the icing bag—instead, twist the top tighter to press out more icing. Just don’t squeeze too hard, or the cone could burst!)

A Few Notes

We like to use waxed paper instead of parchment paper because it’s more flexible and easy to twist—resulting in a headache-free decorating experience. That said, waxed paper icing bags will begin to deteriorate after 30-40 minutes as the moisture in the icing begins to weaken the paper cone. For best results, fill the icing bags only with the amount of icing you need, and don’t be afraid to make more if necessary.

Similarly, waxed-paper icing bags shouldn’t be stored or reused since they might rip or leak. If you need to use a lot of frosting or store it for a while, we recommend choosing commercially-available disposable plastic icing bags instead of this DIY option.

Homemade icing bags are perfect for when you need lots of icing colors or small amounts of frosting. They can even be used for cakes and other pastries—simply make a bigger waxed paper cone, spoon in your filling or frosting, and get decorating. And if you liked this article, why not share it with your other baker or cookie decorating friends? Pin this post on Pinterest and tag us @cookiecutterk.    

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