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Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Cookie Cutter Kingdom Tipless Piping Bags - Box Set (100 ct)

Cookie Cutter Kingdom Tipless Piping Bags - Box Set (100 ct)

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12 Inch Tipless Piping Bags, 100 count

  • CRAFTED FROM FOOD GRADE MATERIAL- Ensure that the food you prepare with your frosting bags is safe to consume. Our disposable pastry bags are made using food-grade plastic to ensure they are safe even when in contact with food.
  • TWICE THE THICKNESS OF REGULAR TIPLESS PIPING BAGS- A burst piping bag can be messy and ruin your decoration. Our cake frosting bags are twice as thick as the regular ones so they are sturdier and less likely to burst.
  • 100 X DISPOSABLE PIPING BAGS - Our cookie frosting bags come in a large pack of 100 and are conveniently packed into a box that doubles as a storage container for the unused icing bags.
  • CONTOURED FOR A NON-SLIP GRIP- Our thick piping bags are contoured to provide added grip on each bag, making it easier to hold and focus on creating your decorations.
  • CAN BE USED WITH STANDARD ICING TIPS- This baking decorating bag is compatible with different icing or pastry tips. It is easy to securely fit it in our bag so that it stays in place and creates your desired designs.


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