Creating Popular Instagram Posts

Looking for Instagram fame with your cookie creations? Here are a couple quick tips for scoring those views, likes, and followers! (Photo Credit: @Vickiee_Yo)
January 09, 2017 by Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Photography Lighting Tips & Tricks

We believe manipulating lighting is the most important part of taking a successful cookie photo. Here are some easy ways to master this essential skill!
October 19, 2016 by Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Choosing the Best Cookie Photo Background

When photographing your cookie creations, each part of the photo, from the cookies themselves to the background and the props, contribute to the making of a great photo. If your cookies are all dressed up and ready to go, check out our background ideas for a fabulous photo opportunity! (Photo credit: @hol_fox)

May 05, 2016 by Cookie Cutter Kingdom


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